Smaller quantities than a FULL container can be delivered too.
In case of a few crates it can be in the following options;
 A few individual crates.
We ensure the material inside the wooden crate is packed with nylon sheets and polystyrene surrounding to secure it safely during the delivery.
The crates will be loaded as partial shipment into container and will be transported to the client destination.
All EXPENSES are directly to the weight and volume of the merchandize.
In this case the cost is very economical and will realize a deal even a small one. 
2.Non FULL Container 
In some cases (slabs/large tiles) when the quantity doesn't fulfill a container still it's 
more economic and safer to deliver this way. 
No need to insist on filling the container by increasing your inventory and as if to cut costs. 
It is more effective to deliver the ordered quantities and cost will be according to that.
All transportation activities are followed by the forwarder and client is informed continuously.


photo credit: vadimgoussev via photopin cc


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