Recycle Marble

In most occasions 30% of the extracted Marble and Stone is thrown during the working process.
Raw material smaller than size 30/30 cm, 12" is unusable and in the quarry small blocks are not used arriving all up to total of -50% thrown material.
marble/stone should be preserved.
In our Universe Minerals are limited and should kept.
We all have to save the over extraction and use the material until the end.
The features and advantages of the Natural Marble is well known therefore ;
We reuse the raw material to produce same products we regularly do in smaller sizes too.
We resize and thin the raw material into dimensions that are economical to transport and install as regular tiles.
The standard of production like accurate sizes, quality control and packaging is the same as other goods we do.
All products in our catalogue are available in every FINISH - Polished, Honed, Brushed, Tumbled, Antiqued.
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